Date:  April 17 – May 22, 2015 // Location: Cityscapes Piet Hein, Piet Heinkade 83, Amsterdam


The exposition ‘Larger Perspective’ presents work of two artists who, with ‘cityscapes’ as a recurrent topic, structurally, sometimes almost literally, aim to widen our perception of reality. From both artist we present a combination of recent and earlier work.

Photographer Lard Buurman (1969) depicts what one might call ‘human cityscapes’; images of the city with explicit attention for their human dynamics. He does so by using a highly personal technique, to allow for fusing many time samples and creating a remarkable broad view of the global urban environment.

Nicky Zwaan (1971) conceptualizes artworks with whatever technique and material best represents the wonder she aims to instill about the workings of the universe on our daily life. With installations and photo’s she investigates how we ‘materialize’ the world around us through the working of light.









EXHIBITION:  Larger Perspective

DATE:  April 17 – May 22, 2015, visit by appointment

ARTISTS:  Lard Buurman and Nicky Zwaan

LOCATION: Cityscapes Piet Hein, Piet Heinkade 83, Amsterdam.


OPENING: Friday April 17,  5.30-8 pm